Embossing Machines and Company Seals

An embossing press and seal is a great way to authenticate and individualise documents. Certificates, limited prints, artwork and other items are protected with a customised seal, ensuring customers know your work is “the real deal”.

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Hand engraving a seal

Bolsons offer a variety of embossing presses to create company seals to suit your needs. Hand seals are portable – effective on the go, whilst larger desktop models can create a stunning and practical centrepiece for the office or studio.

3D embossed seal

Bolsons can advise which is the most suitable embossing press for you. We know how important getting quality at the right price really is.

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From initial contact to delivery Bolsons supply the finished product All the necessary add-ons for your machine are on hand. So whether it’s an embossing press, wax seal or rubber stamp, seal wafers, wax  and ribbons, leave it to us.

   Seal of the House of Lords 

Our Embossing Company Seals Range

Our huge range of embossing machines start with the simple hand plier progressing through to the electric embossing press for high volume embossing. We also provide exhibition embossing machines purpose designed for safe use by the general public in museums, zoos and exhibition centres. In addition to paper embossing we now make a range of leather stamps for debossing bridle leather

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Hand-Powered Embossers

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Heavy-duty Lever Presses

Hand-Powered Embossers

Electric Embossing Machines

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Leather Stamps


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