Mini Desktop Seal with Custom Text

£38.99 excluding VAT

Our very popular Mini 33mm Embossing Seal Press, gets an upgrade with this desktop model. Perfect when desk space is at a minimum, but you need a tool to regularly emboss paperwork. It produces a good quality 33mm impression onto paper up to 140gsm and can emboss circular seals up-to 33mm diameter or rectangular address embossers with up-to four lines of text. Email us with your desired text after checkout.

For a round embosser:
You can have up-to 40 characters around a round circumference (top and bottom). And 3x lines of 10 characters in the middle of your design.

For a rectangular or address embosser:
You can have up-to 4 lines, 25 characters per line.

Our Mini Desktop Seal is a super useful tool and comes in a handy carry case. Should you need to emboss a larger than 33mm diameter, please look at our Standard Handheld Embosser

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Bolsons provide a comprehensive repair service. As the machines are used on a daily basis, ongoing wear and tear and maintenance is unavoidable. Bolsons can handle all aspects of the maintenance, including arranging transport back to the UK factory for repair.

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