The perfect seal for your special event


Give your guests a timeless reminder of your special event. Bolsons can create a personalised, unique reminder with a  variety of quality products such as the brass wax seal,  fruit peel brander or ice stamp.


A Case Study: An Exhibition Press for Sea Life Aquariums

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The event manager for Sea Life UK came to Bolsons because they were looking for something special for their new exhibitions. They needed something unique, fun, tailored to the product, safe and durable.

The event manager was inspired by the seal presses he had seen in similar events, allowing customers to stamp their own cards for a long-lasting, tangible keepsake. A reminder of the experience out for all the family.

The Solution

Bolsons worked with Sea Life to offer a range of solutions to fit the budget, and available area. Another key requirements was safety, given the machine was for children’s use.

After trialing an “off-the-shelf” model it was decided to go for a bespoke design solution. So Bolsons created a themed press befitting the unique flavour of the exhibition. Another significant benefit in the bespoke design was the ability to move or replace the exhibition press to ensure a working press on-site at all times.

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Exhibition Presses

The Response

The client was delighted with the final product and the added value to their customer’s experience. Tickets were marked for the customers as they went through the various exhibits, leaving a reminder of a great day.

This led to Sea Life commissioning presses for their aquariums across the world. As of writing, hundreds of presses have been delivered to aquariums in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, China and beyond.


Using seals to add a personal touch to fine cuisine.

Food by Stefan Rose, Pastry Chef @ Grantley Hall, photo by Rob Whitrow Photography