Pre-Inked Hand Stamps

We produce all types of stamps but, for the Notary, we recommend Colop EOS pre-inked stamps. They produce a high quality impression that will show fine detail. In certain circumstances the Notary will require their own seal as an ink stamp. In addition the Colop EOS is made 80% recycled materials.

The construction of the pre-inked stamp inhibits the drying out effect of prolonged storage between use.

POA – Please Contact Us for details.



Bolsons provide a comprehensive repair service. As the machines are used on a daily basis, ongoing wear and tear and maintenance is unavoidable. Bolsons can handle all aspects of the maintenance, including arranging transport back to the UK factory for repair.

Quality you can’t ignore.

From initial contact to the final product, Bolsons want to find a solution that suits you.

Whether you are looking for a company seal for your business, a specialist stamp for your wedding, show or exhibition or a personalised inking or branding solution, we can provide for you.