25mm Wax Seals

£40.00 excluding VAT

Our traditional seals are craftsmen engraved to meet each customers requirement.  Simply press onto molten sealing wax to produce a unique and attractive effect to documents. Ideal for special occasions, the wax  seals brings both elegance and tradition to the day.

Simply press into melted sealing wax to produce a unique and attractive impression.
Ideal for wedding stationery, these seals can be engraved with the design of your choice.
Initials in a script style font are very popular, as are hearts and flowers. Send Enquiry.


Sealing Wax
We stock sealing wax in a variety of colours and in two types of stick:-
Bank of England and Mura taper wax.

Mura taper wax sticks are 100mm long and weigh 7 grams and
have an internal taper that you light to provide the heat source to melt the wax.

Bank of England wax sticks have no taper but can be easily heated in a pan or by
using our Wax heater/dispenser. Bank of England wax sticks are 195mm long
and weigh 17grams and will produce approx. seven 38mm dia seals per stick.

Applying wax
When using a taper wick wax stick, it must be held at an downward angle so
that the flame rises to melt the wax nearest to the taper.
When sufficient wax has been applied, stir with the end of the wax stick to level
it then apply the brass seal. Once the wax has cooled, the brass seal can be removed.

Bolsons seals can also be used to press your design into soft chocolate or icing that bespoke fine dining experience.


About Brass Wax Seals

Traditional engraved brass seals, for use with sealing wax. For sealing contracts, affidavits and other legal documents, or providing the perfect finishing touch to wedding invitations and envelopes. Available in either 1″ (25mm) or 1.5″ (38mm) diameter.