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Bolsons Electric Brand

Bolsons Electric Branding Irons

Bolsons Branding tools are a fantastic tool for wood, leather and surface-marking. Many of our customers are creatives who need a single icon marked on their works quickly, efficiently, and multiple times.

Add your signature icon to your creative work with an electric brand as a seal of authenticity and as a way of halting resales. We also offer in-house branding, for when you have a lot of goods that need branding just right - such as wedding stationery.

Our Electric Branding Irons and brands are all made to specification. If branding isn't suitable for your needs, how about Laser Engraving, or Heat Branding? Either can be just the right tool when Electric Branding isn't right.

Of course, we also provide Rubber Stamps! Bolsons are one of the world's oldest marking companies in the world, having provided bespoke rubber stamps and professional embossing seals for over a century.

Tips for a Hot Brand

Always rest the brand on the provided steel support frame when not in use. Once active, the brand takes about 10 minutes to warm up to full capacity.

Do a test mark first! Make sure this is on a similar material, one you don't mind throwing away if the mark isn't right yet. If the mark isn't bold enough, try waiting a minute for the brand to heat up further, then try the mark a few times until you feel confident applying it. Every material is different, so some experimentation is recommended.

Never leave the brand alone! Don't store the brand vertically, as heat rises from the metal unit and will melt the handle!

Electric Branding Irons

Safety Tips for Brands

  • Never leave the electric branding iron unattended.
  • Use the metal stand provided.
  • Don't store the device vertically, especially when it's hot.
  • Store the brand safely - dropping the brand may damage the metal components.

How do I get a good brand?

  • Give the branding iron 10 minutes to warm up.
  • Keep the branding iron is square, level to the surface you're branding.
  • Make a test mark first on a similar piece of material.

What Should I Use My Branding Iron On?

Is the artwork, brand dimensions, and material/product suitable for an electric branding iron? (If not, laser engraving or in-house heat branding might be more suitable.)

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