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Stamp pads and ink

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Stamp pads

Available dry, for use with special inks, or ready-inked with endorsing ink in either black, blue, red, green or violet. Special colours available on request.

Plastic boxed stamp pads

Name Size Price
No.2 110 x 70mm
No.3 160 x 90mm

Plastic boxed linen faced stamp pads

Dry pads suitable for all quick drying inks, having linen faced felt pads and snap shut lids to limit evaporation of ink to a minimum when closed.
Name Size Price
No.0 55mm x 38mm
No.3 162mm x 93mm
No.4 228 x 114mm
  Larger sizes Price on request

Microporous stamp pads

These pads last for years as the microporous rubber pad is completely impregnated with ink under vacuum. Suitable for use on absorbent papers. Not re-inkable. Colours available: black, red, green, blue or violet.
Name Size Price
No.3 127 x 88mm

Self-inking rubber stamps: replacement ink pads

See the entry for the relevant stamp on the self-inkers page.

Metal numbering machines

Metal numbering machines inks and pads




Trodat 7011 endorsing inks

For use on absorbent papers, board or cardboard.
Available in 5 standard colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green or Violet.
Volume Price
1 litre
Non-standard colours available, price on request.

Special endorsing ink for semi-gloss paper

Available in black, blue or red. 20ml bottle £2.75.

Quick-drying inks

For shiny paper, plastic, metal and non-absorbent surfaces

For standard rubber stamps:

Volume, colour Price
25ml black
50ml black
50ml white, red, blue, yellow or green

For self-inking rubber stamps:

50ml black, white, red, blue, yellow or green: £9.50

Security ultra-violet inks

See below

Ink and pads for metal numbering machines

Ink for use on absorbent papers.

Description Price
45ml Black or red
Pack of 3x45ml Blue, green, violet or white
Rexel UN12 6-wheel pads, pack of 5 (black or red)
45ml black or white quick-drying ink for non-absorbent surfaces
50ml UV ink - quick drying (shines blue)
Reiner B6 pads, pack of 6

Fabric inks

Especially for cotton, silk and viscose (rayon). Colour-fast in the wash, resistant to dry-cleaning solvents.

50ml £9.50

Food grade inks

Egg marking ink: prints clearly onto the egg shell without penetration and is boil-proof.
50ml £14.75

Cheese marking ink: clearly marks cheese rinds.
50ml £14.75

Meat marking ink: to EU regulations. Impressions take immediately and do not come off.
50ml £14.75

Refresher ink for pre-inked stamps

Note: These inks are not suitable for ordinary rubber stamps, or self-inking rubber or metal stamps.

  • Refresher ink (10ml), blue, red or black: £6.50
  • Refresher ink (10ml), green or violet: £6.50

Ultraviolet (UV) ink and lamps

UV ink

Our water-based UV inks are clear when stamped, but show up either blue or yellow under ultra-violet (UV) light. They are ideal for stamping on people's hands on entry to events, or on normal, absorbent paper.

Solvent-based UV ink is available for marking non-absorbent surfaces such as coated (shiny) paper, plastic or metal. This is ideal for security marking of PCs, laptops, mobile phoes or MP3 players.

All our UV inks can be used with our standard rubber stamps and dry stamp pads, or by special order with Trodat Printy stamps - for instance do-it-yourself alphabet stamps.

UV ink Price
Luminous I blue, 50ml water based, for paper or hands
1073P yellow, 50ml solvent based, for both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
1073P Red 50ml water based, for paper only
Luminous II blue, 50ml solvent based, for non-absorbent surfaces only (not human skin)

UV lamps

These hand-held ultraviolet fluorescent lanterns are ideal for viewing impressions stamped with our UV inks. They can be used for checking impressions made on people's hands at events, or items which have been security stamped. They can also be used to detect SmartWater™, or to verify credit cards.

Battery operated UV lamp

Small enough to fit in a pocket, and incorporates a built-in visible light torch at the top of the unit.

For use with 4xAA batteries (included).

The 4-watt tube is about 13.4cm (5.25") long. The overall size of the lamp is 16cm x 5.2cm x 2.5cm, and it weighs 90g excluding batteries.

Caution: UV light must not be viewed without suitable eye protection.

Price: £19.99

Dual-input UV lantern

Mains and battery operated UV lamp

This dual-input ultraviolet lamp can be plugged into the mains (220/240 volts AC) or powered from four AA batteries (not supplied).

It will take alkaline, Ni-Cd or rechargeable batteries.

The dimensions of the lantern are 190mm x 55mm x 23mm. It weighs 150 grams.

Price: £19.99

6-volt adapter: £7.50

Caution: UV light must not be viewed without suitable eye protection.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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