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Date stamps and number stamps

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Electronic time and date stamps

Reiner speed-i-Jet 798

Reiner speed-i-Jet 798

To use this portable electronic time and date printer, simply press the red button and swipe above the surface to be printed. The impression is ejected in bubble jet ink from a replaceable ink cartridge. It can even print on uneven or curved surfaces.

The printer is programmed at your PC, and connects via the USB lead provided.

It can print words, time, date and repeat or changing number in any combination. Up to 40 characters can be printed, in text 3mm high.

The machine weighs 125g, and measures 32mm x 43mm x 173mm.

Requires two AA batteries, which are included.

Price on application

Reiner speed-i-Jet 798 printout

Sample printout from Reiner speed-i-Jet 798

Seiko TP20 Electronic Time and Date Machine
This robust and reliable desktop machine is a multi-purpose time recorder. It will print time and date on paper or card, and is ideal for a multitude of tasks, as it can also print an additional 6-digit sequential number. It has manual or automatic print options. It is programmable to print a selection of: year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds and incrementing 6-digit number.

This machine gives each document an individual, timed identity. As such it is ideal for use in laboratories, dealing rooms, and quality control, despatch and receiving departments. It is also useful at the security gate, where you can record in and out times of vehicles at the ticket gate. In hotels it can be used to record check-in and check-out times. For receipt of parcels, it can record time of delivery. In any shop when in and out times of orders/deliveries are needed, this machine is ideal. It is useful as well in dealing rooms, where the time the deal is struck needs to be recorded precisely and the transaction numbered.

Price on application

Seiko TP-20
Sample printout
Sample printout

Super Facile 40 - Electronic time and date machine

This sophisticated and versatile electronic machine can print up to 14 lines of programmable text and fixed numbers in multiple type sizes, in addition to time, date and up to 8 counting digits. Multiple repeat actions are selectable. Any number of fixed digits can precede the counting digits. The selectable print format and sizing is by keyboard. This machine can print in various text sizes and can even print upside-down. It can print on either side of the paper up to 75mm in from the edges.

The Super Facile 40 also has programmable print position on the page. It offers total silence between printing operations. It can also print through up to 6 copies of NCR multiple sets. Please let us know your exact requirements.

Programming for printing complex designs is available at extra cost.

Price on application

Sample printout


Reiner 880 - Electronic time and date machine
This machine can print any of: time, date, automatic number, text, logo or signature of your choice. It can print anywhere on an A4 sheet of paper. It has a changeable textplate of area 60mm x 40mm. It can print variable character widths of 16-35 characters per line. Printing from ribbon cassette in red or black is triggered by either pressure on the feed table, freely positionable trip-switch or foot pedal. The machine has several security features, including chip-card identification and password protection. It can also be controlled from a PC.

Price on application


Reiner Desktop time and date machines
A wide range of mains-powered desktop electronic stamping machines with selectable printing functions is available. Functions include time, date, 4- or 6-digit sequential numbering, a selection of messages and company identification. Up to 35 different printing options are available pre-programmed into the machines.

These machines are designed for up to 5 sheets of paper only. The top sheet only will be printed unless NCR sets are used, in which case please specify at the time of order, as special heads will be needed. For added security, the selection printed can be pre-programmed onto smart cards which can be inserted to enable the machine to be used and also identify on the printout which operator is using the machine at the time. Other machines can only be operated after a PIN code is entered in keys on the top of the machine.

These German-built machines are robust and reliable and include backup batteries in case of power failure or when transporting. Please let us know your requirements and we will quote you on the most appropriate machine for your task.

Price on application

Reiner Jetstamps

These hand-held, portable inkjet printers will print time, date, number and text on one or two lines. They are "proximity printers", and will print anywhere on a sheet of paper, or on uneven or curved surfaces such as cardboard boxes of rectangular or cylindrical shapes. Just hold the print head near the surface and press the trigger. You can easily set the time, date and text yourself. The printout is in 12-point lettering, and is 40mm across.

These machines will perform repeat numbering, or numbering in consecutive mode, duplicate, triplicate, 4x, 5x, or up to 99 times before increase. In addition there are 25 memorized print options to choose from. They will print up to two lines of up to 20 characters per line. Each print cartridge provides up to 10,000 impressions.

Model Description Price
  • Battery powered.
  • For printing on absorbent surfaces.
  • Lasts on stand-by for 6 days.
  • Performs up to 600 imprints per charge.
  • Full re-charge takes 3 hours, with 30 minutes to first print capability.
Price on application
  • Online printer contolled by your PC.
Price on application (includes programming charge)
  • Mains powered.
  • For printing on absorbent surfaces.
Price on application
  • Mains powered.
  • Prints on most shiny surfaces, including shiny papers, most plastics, metals and glass bottles.
Price on application

Manual time and date stamp

Trodat 2910 manual time and date stamp
This manual time and date stamp, for use with a stamp pad, has a plastic lightweight body and a round clock face with either 12 or 24 hr markings, which is turned by hand. The clock face hinges open so that the date can be changed by hand-wheels. Incorporates the standard wording "Received" with arrow, plus time and date. Extra wording possible.

Standard Trodat 2910 with 12 or 24hr clock face
With extra wording

Manual time changing

Date or number stamps with surrounding text

No.2 All Square dater
Trodat 2410 All Square daters
These sturdy stamps, for use with stamp pads, incorporate the text of your choice around a central date, or 6-digit number (8-digit numbers possible on some models).

The Trodat 2410 All Square dater with text has a tough, cast aluminium body, and a cast aluminium textplate, flanged for rigidity. It will take arduous use. The date is 4mm high, and is placed centrally in the textplate. Standard sized textplates are up to 67x44mm or 47x47mm. Larger textplates, or designs with off-centre dates which cannot be fitted on standard textplates are available at extra cost. Please send us your design for a quotation.

Textplate up to 67x44mm or 47x47mm, with central date
Textplate up to 100x75mm, with central date

Trodat Double Dater
This ultra-lightweight date stamp is available for less arduous duties, or occasional use. Its textplate around the central dates (on one line) measures 66x30mm.

Trodat double dater with text surrounding central dates: £29.53

Trodat Professional Line dater, with text and date in different colours.

Trodat Professional line daters

These self-inking dieplate daters incorporate the text of your choice around a central 4mm date. They have lightweight but strong metal frames with outer plastic covers. Smooth and gliding action and trouble-free operation make them the dater of choice for fast, heavy use. The replaceable ink pad is easily and cheaply re-inked or replaced in seconds. Use only Trodat 7011 ink, or replace the pad. Prices below are for daters with red or black ink pads. Red/blue two-colour pads are available at extra cost.

Code Dieplate size (mm) Price Replacement ink pad price (code)
5430 41 x 24
£2.65 (6/50)
5440 49 x 28
£2.65 (6/53)
5460 56 x 33
£3.21 (6/56)
5470 60 x 40
5480 68 x 48
£5.86 (6/58)
5215 Circular: 44m diameter
54110 86 x 56

See also:

Printy dater 4850

This lightweight dater has a textplate size 25x5mm for custom text directly above the 3.8mm changeable date. Incorporates a black ink pad. Two-colour pad available separately (see below). Ideal for office use.

Printy dater 4850
Replacement ink pad
Two-colour replacement ink pad

Specials with large text plates or offset dates

Specials are available with large text plates or offset dates. Prices on request.

Reiner 510 Electric Rotary Date/Text Stamp

Reiner 510

Sample impression

Sample impression
Now at last a way of overcoming the risks of repetitive strain injury when stamping heavy workloads of incoming mail or large volumes of documents which need stamping with text with or without date. The Reiner 510 Robust Desk Top Printer will stamp text area of up to 60mm x 35mm with or without central date, changeable with knurled knobs. Up to 3 lines of your text above the date and 3 lines of text below the date possible, with 18mm available for text before and after the date.

The text is fitted to the machine on a changeable roller. Different texts of your choice on different rollers are available. Inking is by a second pre-inked roller in black, blue, red or violet. Documents are hand fed with maximum throughput 100 documents per minute depending on the skill of the operator. Just slide in single sheets and depress the table, and it prints! Sheafs of documents up to 3mm thick can be slid into the machine, the top copy only will be printed.

Noise level under 60dBA. The machine consumes 20 watts at 220V 50Hz and weighs 2.4kg

Price on application. Text plate and paper trigger are extra. Please contact us for details.

Date or number stamps without surrounding text

Daters and Numberers

For use with stamp pads. Date stamps are available with characters up to 18mm high, and number stamps with characters up to 18mm high. Number stamps are also available with 4, 8, 10 or 12 digits, price on request. Letter bands containing either A-M or N-Z are available at extra cost.

Character height (mm) Impression width (mm) 6-band number stamp price Dater price
4 26
7 40

Trodat self-inking date and number stamps
Description Price
Printy 4813 dater with 30mm of custom text beside 3.8mm high date
Printy 46119 dater with 3mm high date surrounded by 19mm diameter circle of custom text
Printy 46125 dater with 3mm high date surrounded by 25mm diameter circle of custom text
Printy 46130 dater with 3mm high date surrounded by 30mm diameter circle of custom text
Printy 46140 dater with 3mm high date surrounded by 40mm diameter circle of custom text
Printy 43132 dater with 3mm high date surrounded by 32 x 32mm square of custom text
Printy 4729 dater with 3mm high date surrounded by 50 x 30mm rectangle of custom text
Printy 4750 dater with 4mm high date surrounded by 40 x 24mm rectangle of custom text
Printy 4726 dater with 4mm high date surrounded by 72 x 35mm rectangle of custom text
Printy 4727 dater with 4mm high date surrounded by 59 x 38mm rectangle of custom text
Professional line 5030 dater with 4mm characters
Professional line 5546 6-band numberer with 4mm characters
Professional line 5558 8-band numberer with 5mm characters
Professional line 55510 10-band numberer with 5mm characters

Professional line number bands can be substituted by letter bands A-M or N-Z, at extra cost.

See also:

Metal numbering machines and daters with automatic advance

Special Metal Automatic Numbering Machines

We can supply Special Automatic Numbering Machines of all types with either letters or numbers or special characters, or a selection of the these, engraved on the wheels to your exact requirements. You can specify repeat action or manual advance or various sequential actions to meet your exact needs.

Please email your requirements and we will quote you.

Trodat 5756

Trodat Automatic Numbering Machine

This popular general purpose 6-digit numbering machine has repeat, consecutive, and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 12 times repeat actions. It has a tough plastic frame with 6 alloy number wheels in 5.5mm-high characters. Initial setting is by stylus.

Trodat 5756/M with metal frame and serif characters: £81.90.

Trodat 5756/P with plastic frame and sans-serif characters: £75.60.

Replacement pads available in black or red, at £19.93 per pack of five.

Reiner B6
This 6-digit numbering machine has a robust metal frame, nickelled and highly finished. Its 6 alloy wheels carry digits of either 4.5mm or 5.5mm in Block (sans-serif). It has repeat, consecutive, and 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 times repeat actions. The ink is held in a long-lasting 'Colorbox' reservoir pad, red or black. Price: £75.00.

Replacement pads available at £6.45 each. Minimum order 6 pads (£38.70).

Reiner B6 numbering machine

Reiner 8-digit numbering machine
5.5mm block characters. Price: £118.00 Please phone for further details.
Machines incorporating letters or logos etc. are available at extra cost. Please ask for a quote.

Replacement pads £33.00 per pack of 6 (equivalent to £5.50 each).

Reiner® ND6K Dater-numberer
This self inking dater numberer, which prints 6 digits followed by date, weighs in at a mere 350g. Its 4.5mm high characters with antique-style numbers and block-style date take up 47mm across when printing the full 6 digits with the date. The layout is of the type 123456 01.JAN 04.

The last 5 antique numbers can print either repeats or consecutive numbers, or can print 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 12x, or 20x impressions before numbers advance. All wheels can advanced manually with the stylus supplied.

This machine has alloy wheels and can be fitted with ink pads for printing on either on absorbent papers, or alternatively, plastic food packaging.
Price £187.00

Replacement pads £6.50 each. Minimum order 6 pads

Quick-drying inks are available. Please contact us for details.

are also available in any combination, with or without textplate, and with alloy or steel wheels. Price on application.

Ink and pads for metal numbering machines

Ink for use on absorbent papers.

Description Price
45ml Black
45ml Red
Pack of 3x45ml Blue, green, violet or white
Rexel UN12 6-wheel pads, pack of 5 (black or red)
45ml black or white quick-drying ink for non-absorbent surfaces
50ml UV ink - quick drying (shines blue)
Reiner B6 pads
£6.45 each. Minimum order 6 pads (£38.70)
R3023 Non-toxic black ink for plastic surfaces, suitable for food packaging, 45ml
R2021 quick drying White ink, 45ml

Special band stamps

Special band stamps contain rows of changeable letters, numbers or dates which can be placed on one line or in tiers, whichever you require. Numbers can be replaced by A-M or N-Z bands. These can be surrounded by textplates of any size to carry fixed information, such as headings, with or without an outer border. Just sketch a design with any critical dimensions, and we will send you a quotation.

Special band stamp with two dates, one above the other, and surrounding text.

Stock date stamps with added text

For use with stamp pads...

Description Price
Trodat 2210/L1 4mm high date plus 'RECEIVED' or 'PAID'
Trodat 2226 4mm high double date plus your text

Description Price
Trodat Printy 4750/L1 'RECEIVED' plus 3.8mm high date
Trodat Printy 4750/L2 'PAID' plus 3.8mm high date
Trodat Printy 4750/L9 'FAXED' plus 3.8mm high date
Trodat Professional line 5430L with interchangeable textplates above or below date: 'RECEIVED', 'PAID', 'ANSD...', 'PER', 'FAXED' and 'PAGE... OF...'
Trodat Professional line 5440L1 with large fixed textplate surrounding date: 'RECEIVED', 'PAID', 'FAXED' or 'POSTED'

Prices subject to change without notice.

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