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Rubber stamps

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Standard rubber stamps for use with stamp pads

See also: Self-inking rubber stamps

Sizes up to 110mm x 70mm are supplied on Selecta mounts as shown opposite, with the impression visible through the transparent top plate. Larger sizes can be on perspex or wooden mounts as you require. For heavy duty use, or for tiny stamps for stamping in crevices, rubber stamps with wooden fingerboard mounts are recommended.

Logos, signatures, line drawings and special fonts from your own artwork can be incorporated at no extra charge. Please email good quality, black-and-white artwork as a JPEG file, preferably at actual size or slightly over-size. Please also specify the size of the final image required. Colours or shades of grey are best avoided as they may not come out satisfactorily. We can design new artwork from your ideas at extra cost.

Standard rubber stamps are designed for use only with endorsing inks or quick drying inks specially formulated for rubber stamps. Other inks may damage the rubber.

Price list for standard rubber stamps

The table below shows prices for plain text rubber stamps in tabular, oval or circular designs, in sizes up to 150mm x 75mm (6" x 3"). Please contact us for a quote if you require a larger size.

NOTE: Diagram is not to scale.

Oil-resistant rubber stamps

For weatherproof stamping on export cartons etc., oil based inks may be needed, in which case please ask for oil-resistant rubber stamps.
Prices as above, plus 15%.

Do-it-yourself stamps

Self-inking do-it-yourself stamps

These Trodat Typo Printy "set your own text" stamps allow you to make your own address stamps or date stamps with up to 8 lines of custom text. Available with either 3mm or 4mm high characters.

Trodat 4912 Typo

Trodat Typo 4912

Trodat 4912 impression

Trodat 4912 impression

Trodat Typo 5253 Professional Line

Trodat Typo 5253 Professional Line with 2 dieplates

Trodat 5465 Typo Professional Line dater

Trodat Typo 5465 Professional Line dater

Trodat 5465 impression

Trodat 5465 impression

Product name Lines Letters per line Character height Price
Typo 4911 3 17 3mm £19.79
Typo 4912 4 21 (3mm) or
17 (4mm)
3mm and 4mm included £25.41
Typo 4913 5 26 (3mm) or
21 (4mm)
3mm and 4mm included £30.22
Typo 4927 8 27 (3mm) or
22 (4mm)
3mm and 4mm included £31.56
Typo 4928 7 28 (3mm) or
23 (4mm)
3mm and 4mm included £28.78
Typo 4755 dater 2 + date 15 4mm £29.15
Typo 5435 dater
Professional Line
2 + date 15 4mm £37.82
Typo 5253 with 2 dieplates
Professional Line
6 21 (3mm) or
17 (4mm)
3mm and 4mm included £41.14
Typo 5465 dater
Professional Line
4 + date 24 (3mm) or
20 (4mm)
3mm and 4mm included £53.33

Daters and numberers

See date & time stamps

Pre-inked stamps

Standard pre-inked stamps

These are useful for fast application to normal paper or card, but are not suitable for some coated papers. There is no extra charge for using your own artwork, such as logos, signatures, line drawings and special fonts

Standard ink colours available are black, red or blue. For green or violet inks, add 15% to prices below. These stamps can be produced in multi-colours. There must be a minimum 2mm gap between colours, so they do not mingle. Additional charge for each extra colour: add 20% to standard prices (minimum £8 per colour).

Price list for standard pre-inked rubber stamps

Click to see a larger version of the image

Diagram is not to scale.

These prices are for one colour pre-inked stamps in either black, red or blue. Add 15% for green or violet, and allow extra time for delivery. For multi-coloured stamps add 25% for each additional colour (minimum £7.70 per additional colour).

Refresher ink for pre-inked stamps
To re-ink pre-inked stamps, place face-up in holder supplied, and apply correct Refresher ink(s) and leave overnight for ink to be absorbed.
Refresher ink (10cc) Blue, red or black £6.50
  Green or violet £6.50
  Note: These inks are not suitable for ordinary rubber stamps, or self-inking rubber or metal stamps.

Band stamps

For standard number or date stamps, click here.

Special band stamps
Rows of changeable letters or numbers up to 25mm high, can be placed in a line, or in tiers. See special band stamps.

Signature stamps

Any standard or pre-inked rubber stamp can be used to print a signature. Please see Standard rubber stamps and Pre-inked stamps on this page for details.

See also: Self-inking signature stamps.

Egg marking stamp
Egg marking stamps

Available for £18.80 each, with your wording or artwork. EU Egg Stamping Ink costs £9.75 per 50ml bottle, and is available in either red, green or black.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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