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Self-inking rubber stamps

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Trodat Printy® range

Classic Trodat Printy range

Self-inking rubber stamp in strong but light plastic body. Works like a small printing machine - just press down and it prints. Self-inking from built-in stamp pad, which can be easily and cheaply replaced in seconds. The stamp pads are normally pre-impregnated with endorsing ink in either black, red, blue, green or violet. Also available with dry pads for use with quick-drying inks for non-absorbent surfaces.

Changing the pad on a Trodat New PrintyHow to change the pad on a Trodat Printy

New Trodat Printy Range
New Printy Range

The new Printy range is superior in every detail. Its ergonomic design incorporates soft touch grip cap, and its widened, elliptical base with new anti-slip feature, gives added stability when printing. The text view window is now at a 45 degree angle for easy identification of the text. A new positioning window on the side of the body shows accurately the positioning of the impression.

These New Printy stamps are also available:

Code Dieplate size (mm) Printy Replacement ink pad (twin pack)
4921 12 x 12
4908 15 x 7
4922 20 x 20
4910 26 x 10
4923 30 x 30
4911 38 x 14
4924 40 x 40
4941 41 x 25
4912 47 x 18
4929 51 x 31
4913 58 x 22
4928 60 x 33
4927 60 x 40
4916 70 x 10
4915 70 x 25
4918 75 x 15
4926 75 x 38
4925 83 x 26
46019 Circular: 21mm diameter
46025 Circular: 27mm diameter
46030 Circular: 32mm diameter
46040 Circular: 42mm diameter

7011 re-inking ink for absorbent surfaces, 25ml £1.80
P191 quick drying ink for non-absorbent surfaces (black), 25ml £2.75

Trodat Professional line®

A lightweight, self-inking range of rubber stamps, designed for heavy use. The plastic coated metal frame is lightweight and comfortable to use for long periods. Trouble-free operation, with no spindle to fall out. Smooth in action because of polished steel and plastic sliding parts. Replacement pads available in black, red, blue, green or violet.

Code Dieplate size (mm) Price
5200 40 x 23
5203 48 x 27
5204 55 x 25
5205 67 x 24
5206 55 x 32
5207 59 x 39
5208 68 x 46
5211 85 x 55
5215 Circular - 44mm diameter

7011 re-inking ink for absorbent surfaces, 25ml £1.80

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Trodat Professional line

Mobile Marker 9412 from Trodat®

This new pocket stamp with clip from Trodat has a very attractive design. Due to its small size (74x33x18mm), it clips into any pocket, handbag or briefcase.

It is useful for persons who need to stamp when on the move - business staff - auditors - inspectors - doctors - teachers - drivers - students. It is also an ideal gift for men or women. Its large textplate of 47x18mm holds up to 5 lines of text of up to 25 letters per line. There is automatic re-inking of the textplate every time the cover is closed. It has a built-in modern stamp pad which gives an exact ink dosage and ensures sharp impressions.

Just open the case and click it into its locked, strong, triangular printing position. Fold up after printing.

9412 Mobile marker from Trodat price 17.39, complete with text of your choice. Alternatively, it comes with a voucher for text if given as a gift.

Inspection stamps and pocket stamps

Printy 4921

Trodat Printy 4921
These popular roving inspector's stamps are based on the Printy 4921. They are the size of a lipstick, and have a 12 x 12mm (1/2" x 1/2") square textplate for text of your choice. 5 colours of endorsing ink or black or white quick drying ink are available. The push-on cap can be fitted with a key-ring to hang from the lapel so that they are always within easy reach while leaving both hands free for inspection duties. They are easily and cheaply re-inked in seconds by sliding out the built-in pad and re-inking with the appropriate ink. The textplate is of hard-wearing, long lasting, solid, natural rubber. Normal endorsing ink is used on paper or card. Quick drying inks are available for stamping on plastics or metal.

Printy 4921 without key-ring
Printy 4921 with key-ring
7011 re-inking ink, 25ml
P191 quick drying re-inking ink, 25ml
Replacement pads **

** Replacement pads are available in multiples of 2 only.

Colop 20 with keyring
Colop 20
Colop 20 with clip.
Colop 30
Colop 30 with clip.
Colop® Pocket Stamps

Just pull open the holder and your rubber stamp flips out from the stamp pad to enable you to stamp a single impression of the text of your choice. For further impressions, simply close to re-ink.

The holder clips neatly into your pocket like a pen. A keyring is also available to enable you to clip it into your button-hole for easy access at all times.

Just pull open the holder and your rubber stamp flips out from the stamp pad to enable you to stamp a single impression of the text of your choice. For further impressions, simply close to re-ink.

Colop 20

The textplate size of 37x12mm (1.5"x0.5") is useful for stamping in visitors books, for authorisation, auditing or inspection.

Price £17.50
Price with keyring £18.00

Colop 30

Similar to the Colop 20, but with a larger textplate of 47mm x 18mm (1.85" x 0.7").

Price £21.00
(Not available with keyring)

Self-inking signature stamps

Self-inking stamps can be used to print signatures. Please look at the rest of this page, and decide the size and model of self inking stamp you require. Then draw a border of this size, and sign within this box. The price quoted for self-inking stamps on this page includes artwork. Please state the model of self inking stamp that you require on your order.

See also: Standard rubber stamps and Pre-inked stamps, which can also be used to stamp signatures.

Stock self-inking stamps


Based on Printy 4911 size 38x14mm. Easily re-inked in seconds.

Stock designs as shown, each
7011 re-inking ink (black), 25ml
Replacement pads (black) **

** Replacement pads are available in multiples of 2 only.

Identity protection stamp
Security pattern stamp

Helps you to prevent identity theft and keep confidential information secure. Simply stamp over sensitive details before disposing of documents.

Our unique security pattern makes it extremely difficult for fraudsters to read information after you have stamped over it.

Can be used to protect sensitive data such as names, addresses, signatures and bank account details.

For extra security, shred documents after stamping. The security pattern will make it much more difficult for someone to reassemble the shredded document.

Available with black, red, green, violet or blue ink.

  • 38mm x 14mm Trodat Printy 4911 self-inking stamp with security pattern: £15.00
  • 47mm x 17mm Trodat Printy 4912 self-inking stamp with security pattern: £20.00

Prices subject to change without notice.

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