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Embossing machines

Group of embossing machines and embossed wafers

Embossers are perfect for stamping your address, logo or monogram on paper and card.

Emboss business cards or wedding invitations for a classy touch. Authenticate documents such as certificates, limited edition prints and artwork to prevent forgery and unauthorised copies.

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Types of impression available
Text only
Text is available in Helvetica or Times Roman fonts. Designs including special fonts are treated as simple graphics.
Simple graphic
Image is machine-engraved from black-and-white artwork, with all parts of the image embossed to the same height. Please email good quality artwork in black and white as a JPEG or PDF file.
Contoured designs
These hand-engraved designs allow for greater detail because the image is embossed at varying heights - ideal for armorial bearings and "great seals". Due to the immense pressure required to emboss them, these designs can only be produced on heavy duty embossers.

Please email artwork as a PDF or JPEG file. Artwork may be supplied in black and white, greyscale or colour. If you do not have artwork, you can send a sample impression from your existing press.
Hand plier embossing seals

All hand plier embossing seals fold flat for storage. Normal delivery time is 2 to 3 days.

The Standard hand plier embossing seal carries up to 43 letters or spaces around the circumference, with outer and inner rings around the lettering. It comes with a plastic case for easy storage.

Heavy Duty and Super Marker Heavy Duty seals come in flat cardboard boxes.

Type of modelImpression
(see note above)
Extra 38mm die set
Standard (max. paper weight 80gsm)
38mm die (max. impression diameter 35mm)
Text only*£32.50£28.50
Text and simple graphic£57.00£55.00
Super Marker Heavy Duty

Impression sizes of up to 35mm diameter or 45mm x 20mm are suitable for papers up to 140gsm, or heavier if the paper is soft.
Impression sizes of up to 30mm diameter or 45mm x 12mm are suitable for papers up to 300gsm, heavier if the paper is soft.
Please send paper samples to confirm machine capabilities.
Text only*£47.00£41.00
Text and simple graphic£75.00£57.50

* Text only means text in any standard font which we have, such as Arial, Helvetica, Serifa or Times Roman. Your own artwork fonts count as simple graphics.

How to assemble the plier seal


Company seal embossing press

Has a cast aluminium body and sturdy lever action which embosses round company seals of 38mm (1.5") diameter. Will take up to 43 letters, stars or spaces around the circumference, plus 'LIMITED' across the diameter if required. Outer and inner rings around the lettering. Can emboss paper up to 100 grams per square metre. Single colour body or antique finish available. Security locking system possible. Normal delivery time is 2 to 3 days. Express service available at extra cost.

  • One colour body machine text only in standard font*: £50.
  • With simple graphic from black-and-white artwork: £85.00.
  • Machine in black with antique finish, text only in standard font*: £60.
  • Machine with Antique Finish with simple graphic from black and white artwork £95.00.

* Standard fonts which we have, such as Arial, Helvetica, Serifa or Times Roman. Your own artwork fonts count as simple graphics.

Company seal press

Typical design for a Company Seal
Seal wafers
Seal wafers

Self-adhesive seal rosettes, pack of 50.

Colours available:

  • matt red
  • matt gold
  • metallic gold
  • metallic silver

45mm diameter £11.00
51mm diameter £12.50
65mm diameter (matt red only) £17.50
90mm diameter £27.50

Gold, silver and bronze seal wafers

Gold, silver and bronze award seal wafers

Matched set of gold, silver and Bronze seal wafers, silk finish.

This matched set is suitable for sealing certificates accompanying gold, silver and bronze medals, or awards. 45 mm diameter.

Price 11.00 per pack of 50 of any one colour.

Address Embossers
Desktop address embossing press
Can emboss up to four lines of text, with up to 21 letters or spaces per line. Cast aluminium body with lever action. Embosses paper up to 100 grams per square metre. Normal delivery time is 2 to 3 days.
Price for one colour body machine: £50.
Price for machine in black with antique finish: £60.

Desktop address embossing press

Address embossing press

Antique desktop address embossing press

Address embossing press with antique finish

MOT embossing press

Used for validating M.O.T. Certificates.

Embosses up to 5 lines of text or up to 21 letters or spaces per line.

Price £65.00

Heavy duty embossing presses

Single-lever embossers

These machines are for embossing heavy papers or designs which require large dies.

Dies of up to 75mm (3") diameter or 80mm x 35mm (3.15" x 1.4") are possible. Throat sizes range from 55mm (2.15") up to 150mm (6") from the centre of the die to the back of the press. If the paper can be curled, the reach can be longer.

The heavy castings comprising the body are of either cast iron or aluminium depending on the duty.

The large machines are often used to produce detailed armorial designs and Vesica Piscis shaped ecclesiastical seals.

Security can be assured by a stainless steel locking bar and one or two padlocks as an optional extra, at extra cost.

Pictured are the smallest and largest in the range, but other models are available, depending on the reach, size of die and weight of paper required.

Prices, with text-only dies included, start at £95. Please contact us for further details.

"Notary" embossing press

"Consular" embossing press

"Ambassador" embossing press

"Envoy" low-effort, double-lever heavy duty embossing press

This is ideal for embossing large quantities of documents without incurring strain or exhaustion. The machine is fixed to the desk, allowing the operator to use the press while seated comfortably. The ergonomically designed handle minimises strain on the wrist or hand.

The press can emboss papers of up to 140GSM (grams per square meter) with an impression size of up to 45mm diameter.

It is a cheaper alternative to an electrically operated press.

Price on application

Exhibition embossing press

Exhibition Embossing Press

This embossing machine is designed for use at interactive exhibits, and is useful for use im museums, exhibitions and public attractions.

Your visitors can be given a lasting reminder of their progress around your exhibits.

The visitor picks up a leaflet, and embosses it with a series of designs as they progress in stages around your attraction.

Using the embossing machines is particularly interesting and exciting for children to accomplish.

A series of them with different designs can be used to give the clients a permanent souvenir of their progress around the various exhibits.

These machines have a forward facing lever to prevent fingers becoming trapped.

The long forward lever also makes it easier for children to operate.

The embossed impression size recommended is up to 42mm diameter.

Extra heavy duty embossing press

A video of the Extra heavy Duty Embossing Press in operation (requires Flash and JavaScript).

A video of the Extra heavy Duty Embossing Press in operation.

Extra heavy duty embossing press with screw mechanism

Typical design for extra heavy duty embossing press

The machine is stylishly finished in black and gold with polished brass fittings. It is operated by a twin-start, square-cut screw mechanism which generates immense pressure and requires less effort than lever-operated machines, making it suitable for very thick papers or parchment, or large volumes. To operate, simply swing the ball lever. It will take large dies of up to 90mm diameter impression size, incorporating large official crests, armorial bearings, coats of arms or company logos in the design. It is useful for passport embossing, or for use by councils, universities, or official bodies.

Its low-maintenance design will give many years of trouble-free service. The machine has a cast-iron body and ball lever with steel working parts and brass fittings. The distance from the centre of the die to the back of the throat of the press measures 150mm (6"), so that certificates can be scrolled before embossing if necessary. Maximum paper weight is 350gsm. The overall weight of the machine is 35kg and its overall dimensions are 150mm(w) x 500mm(d) x 450mm(h). A stainless-steel locking bolt can be fitted which can carry up to two padlocks for security over its use. Embossing from the top, bottom or side is possible if specified at the time of order.

Installation and maintenance instructions (PDF)

Price on application.

Super-heavyweight embossing press

Super-heavyweight embossing press

For use on even heavier-duty applications. THis machine is designed for embossing paper weights of up to 800gsm at impression sizes of up to 100mm diameter or 100mm x 50mm.

This machine has a 3-start screw mechanism with long pitch, to give extra speed of stroke, quick and even transmission of the shock momentum force to the paper of the rotating cast iron balls.

This machine also has a casto iron body and weighs 55kg. It is solidly built and should last for decades. It only needs occasional lubrication to give a lifetime of extremely heavy use.

It has interchangeable die facility as standard, and can emboss detailed designs such as contoured or armorial bearings on really heavy papers and cards.

Ideal for use by government bodies, local authorities, professional institutions and universities.

Price on application.

Desktop Electric Embossing Press

This machine is useful if thousands of documents have to be embossed. It will take dies of up to 47mm diameter, and has a variable pressure setting which will take papers of up to 250gsm in weight. The throat will take large documents in the scrolled position if required. The weight of the machine is 18kg and it runs on 240V electrical supply. Embossing from the top, side or bottom is possible if specified at the time of order. Security locking device available. Dimensions: 255mm(w) x 215mm(d) x 325mm(h).

Video of the Desktop Electric Embossing Press

Price on application.

Heavy Duty Electric Embossing Press

Heavy Duty Electric Embossing PressThis electric embossing machine is free-standing with a front shelf to allow the operator to be seated while embossing large quantities of documents.

  • Operated by foot pedal or hand switch.
  • Takes papers of up to 250gsm in weight.
  • Has a reach of up to 100mm (4 inches) from the nearest edge of the paper to the centre of the impression.
  • Adjustable paper guides allow you to position the impression accurately every time.
  • Die sizes of up to 56mm diameter can be accommodated.
  • Dies are fixed to clips and are easily interchangeable for different designs to be embossed.
  • Adjustable clamping forces at 4 different settings, for different paper weights.
  • Works from single phase 240 volt electric supply.
  • Dimensions: 900mm wide x 600mm deep x 1000mm high.

Also available with the following extras:

  • Anti die retraction security stop
  • LED light
  • Variable paper guides
  • Side flap tables
  • Key operation
  • Electronic key pad with security code enabling
  • Cycle counter

Price on application.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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