Bolsons | Leather Stamp

The Leather Stamp.

The Bolsons stamp is designed for personalising leather products, such as belts, key fobs and bridle straps, with up to five letters or numbers. The fully interchangeable characters are engraved in brass and are 6mm high.

Full 26 character alphabet, 0-9 number, individual characters as well as well as full names or phrases. We also have the larger version which will deboss multiple lines of characters.

The Leather Stamp is strong and durable and capable of debossing leather clearly and effortlessly. Standard fonts available are Times Roman, Arial and Script font. Please contact us with you requirements.

Interchangeable die, leather debossing stamp

The Interchangeable die leather stamp can deboss up to 35mm diameter logo onto thick leather.

It is strong robust machine capable of debossing multiple designs. The solid engraved brass dies can be quickly and easily swooped over.


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About Heavy Duty Lever Press

Our extensive range of lever operated machines are for embossing heavy papers or where a large numbers of seals to be made. Dies of up to 75mm (3") diameter or 80mm x 35mm (3.15" x 1.4") are possible. Throat sizes range from 55mm (2.15") up to 150mm (6") from the centre of the die to the back of the press. If the paper can be curled, the reach can be extended. We also have a range of leather stamps for debossing  bridle leather for harnesses, belts and leather key fobs. The press bodies are of either cast iron or aluminium depending on the duty. The larger machines, Consular, Ambassador & Regal, are often used to produce detailed armorial designs and Vesica Piscis shaped ecclesiastical seals. Security can be assured by a the addition of a locking bar and one or two padlocks as an optional extra, at extra cost.