Bolsons | Pre-Inked Hand Stamps

We produce all types of stamps but, for the Notary, we recommend Colop EOS pre-inked stamps. They produce a high quality impression that will show fine detail. In certain circumstances the Notary will require their own seal as an ink stamp. In addition the Colop EOS is made 80% recycled materials.

The construction of the pre-inked stamp inhibits the drying out effect of prolonged storage between use.

POA – Please Contact Us for details.

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About Rubber Stamps

Logos, signatures, line drawings and special fonts from your own artwork can be incorporated at no extra charge. Please email good quality, black & white artwork and specify the size of the final stamped image. Colours or shades of grey are best avoided as they may not come out satisfactorily. We can design new artwork from your sketch or idea. Our rubber stamps are designed for use with endorsing inks or indelible inks specially formulated for rubber stamps. Other inks may damage the rubber.