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Bolsons | Consular Interchangeable Embossing Press

An extra heavy duty desktop lever press which can emboss into heavy weights of  paper. Also available, is the Consular IDF. This version has an Interchangeable Die Facility to  allow the user to, quickly and easily, change embossing seals.



This very strong, well engineered embossing press, has two guide rails to support the embossing die. This results in a good, even impression through heavy art paper, photographs, notary ribbon and debossing thick mount card. Ideal for artists, print framers and the Notary public.

£495 plus £24 carriage plus VAT

These single-lever machines are for embossing heavy papers or designs which require large dies. Dies of up to 75mm (3") diameter or 80mm x 35mm (3.15" x 1.4") are possible. Throat sizes range from 55mm (2.15") up to 150mm (6") from the centre of the die to the back of the press. If the paper can be curled, the reach can be longer. The heavy castings comprising the body are of either cast iron or aluminium depending on the duty. The large machines are often used to produce detailed armorial designs and Vesica Piscis shaped ecclesiastical seals. Security can be assured by a stainless steel locking bar and one or two padlocks as an optional extra, at extra cost.