An Electric Embossing Machine for high-volume embossing The Electric Embossing machine is perfect for high volume embossing in universities, schools, executive offices and embassies. The HD version has also proved a huge success for print studios who need to emboss heavy weights of paper. Also available is the Interchangeable Electric Embossing machine . The Interchangeable (IDF) version allows the user to quickly and easily change embossing seals. The precision location system gives perfect alignment for IDF die sets that you may need in the future. Designed and made in the UK The Registrar performs the same tasks as the Embassy press, but can provide smooth, effortless embossing – saving strain and injury in the workplace over longer periods of time. See the press in action. Designed and made entirely in our UK workshops the Registrar Desktop is robust, compact, reliable & will provide years of trouble free, effortless embossing. Made to order to suit your needs Each Registrar desktop is designed with it’s client’s needs in mind. After an order, the machine is built to specification, tested overnight, and delivered to your door. After purchase, Bolsons remain on hand to provide comprehensive and friendly support.           Optional paper guides   Additional Information Max impression: 60mm dia or 65 x 35mm rectangular format. Max reach into paper: 95mm. Max paper embossing weight: 450gsm. Common uses Embossing University degree certificates. Embossing Legal Documents. Authenticating Institute Membership certificates. Authenticating Council Documents. Print studios. Optional Extras The Registrar Desktop is available with a range of optional extras including:- Electronic key lock: Prevents unauthorised use of the machine. Heavy Duty reinforcement. Foot switch: Frees up both hands for work efficiency. Adjustable paper guides: Ensures alignment of the impression. Annual service contract for mechanical parts. Counter. Paper guides.