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Electric Branding Irons are perfect for marking wood, leather and other surfaces. We’ve found they’re very popular for creative projects where a single icon needs to be permanently marked on a lot of items quickly. Our Electric branding Irons are perfect to brand your IPPC onto Wooden Pallets mark. For some applications a TEMPERATURE CONTROL UNIT will help you archive the best result. To help produce a consistent brand mark we recommend the DRILL PRESS ADAPTOR It fits into a standard drill press and allows you to control branding pressure and density for multiple items.

We also do branding in-house – if you need a large number of items branded and want to make sure they’re done right, we can help.


Bolsons sell electric branding irons and brands, built-to-spec. We also provide in-house laser engraving and heat branding – depending on your material and items, these can be an excellent alternative to ensure the perfect mark. Should you need to replace or repair your brand, we keep a good stock of our Bolsons NEW HEATER UNITS and heating elements for our ALK range of branding irons.

If an electric brand isn’t right for you, maybe a rubber stamp is? Our range is vast – Bolsons are one of the oldest marking companies in the world! We provide bespoke personalised rubber stamps, or for marking paper and thin materials we have one of the widest ranges of professional embossing seals in the UK.


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    Using Electric Branding Irons

    What is suitable for Branding?

    Is the artwork, brand dimensions, and material/product suitable for an electric branding iron? (If not, laser engraving or in-house heat branding might be more suitable.)

    Setup and tips for best use

    Fold up the steel support frame. This is provided to rest the hot end of the brand when not in use. Always use the metal stand to store the hot brand when not in use.

    Our electric brands are mains powered and take about 10 -20 minutes to reach working temperature. Switch the brand on, leave in a safe place, and allow it to heat up before applying it to your material.

    Apply the hot brand to some test material. Keep doing this until you are confident you have developed good technique and an idea of time needed on the material to obtain a good brand.

    Never leave the brand unattended! Never store the hot brand in the vertical position with the handle at the top. Heat will rise up and will melt the handle. Do not leave a brand of for long periods. The temperature will keep rising and damage the element wire.

    Electric Branding Iron safety

    • Always use the metal stand provided to store the hot brand.
    • Never leave the hot brand unattended.
    • To avoid heat rising and damaging the handle, never leave in the vertical position.
    • Don’t drop the brand or leave on for long periods.

    How to get a good brand

    • Allow 10-20 minutes for the brand to reach temperature.
    • Always brand test materials to ascertain how long to hold the brand on the product.
    • Make sure the brand is square and level to the surface being branded.
    • Ensure the surface being branded is flat. Dips & bumps will spoil the brand.